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Date: 04 Oct 2015 07:03:17
Title: Cocos Keeling here we come

11:30:9S 100:01:9E
A Cloudy Moonless Night Watch (on the way to Cocos Keeling)
As the sun sets on a lively white capped sea, the clouds glow in a perfusion of yellow, orange and red. Finally grey then nothing, a black void, but with sound.
My world has become a small sphere created by the tricolour masthead light. Black waters astern and to starboard, the port red light shows nothing. Wandering Dream in a world of her own, sways and dips with each passing wave.
Suddenly, the sea erupts and hisses, as a wave breaks. Loud THUMPS as they occasionally break on the side of the hull. Otherwise, the silence is broken by the gurgling water at the stern, the crack of a sail backing. A small squeak or creak intensified by the quiet, becomes a worry. Identified and forgotten, all worries left to drift away in our wake.
Senses and emotions heightened, reflecting on the wonders my world, missing loved ones to share this with, and yet knowing this makes it special and good to be alive!
Fair Winds and a Following Sea
The wind has kept us going well, we are averaging six point five knots. If this continues we should arrive during daylight. Keep blowing wind!
Miles travelled in the last 24 hours: 152 miles
MIles to Cocos Keeling at 1300hrs: 187 miles

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