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Date: 30 Sep 2015 05:36:48
Title: Merry Christmas Island - Australia's Galapagos

10:25:7S 105:40:0E
Merry Christmas Island – Also known as Australia’s Galapagos Island, due to the diverse marine and land life, many unique to Christmas Island.
Tuesday 29th September 2015
1530 hrs
There is something so exciting about spotting land, when you have been at sea for two weeks. The Indian Ocean Pilot Book, says, “Christmas Island is tall, so you can see it from a long way out.” How far out? At east twenty miles we discovered. We were both reading after lunch and feeling a little tired, I decided it was time for a snooze, after all it was Denis’ watch. I stood to scan the horizon and to our delight caught sight of Christmas Island. It wasn’t clear, but is wasn’t clouds either. A some what hazy landmass was slowly materialising in the distance. All thought of snoozing forgotten, my mind was on arriving. What time did the sun set? When did the moon rise, would there be enough light. Flying fish Cove is not lit and being a semi industrial area, was equipped with commercial size unlit mooring buoys, not great for an after dark arrival.
We were doing six and a half knots and had twenty four miles to go. The wind and current picked up, Neptune was smiling on us. Cruising now at somewhere between 8-10 knots we arrived just as the sun was setting. We are now safely on a mooring buoy, under the shelter of some pretty impressive cliffs. The swell is crashing in on them and the boobies and frigate birds are circling WD. Time to relax and ponder another great passage completed. Cold beer and remember, up early, customs call at 0700 tomorrow. Another island, another adventure!
Thumb Update
It hasn’t healed yet, it isn’t pretty, not infected, but it hasn’t fallen off either. Prognosis, given time, I’ll have a scar on my thumb and maybe a flat part too.
Miles travelled in the last 24 hours: 149 miles at average speed of 6.5 knots.

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