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Date: 26 Sep 2015 06:13:52
Title: Sailing to Christmas Island

10:56:1S 113: 38:4E
Saturday 26th September 2015
Moon Watch (approaching full moon) 2am – Off the coast if Java
In the pale moon light of the night watch, the eye uses different rods and cones to see, colour leaves your world and you see in monochrome. The shapes of Wandering Dream are the same, but she is dark and other worldly against the moonlit sky. Tonight, at last the warm trade winds are blowing and WD is in her element. We bob and weave west, following the silvery moon lit trail in the sea. The sails are full and pulling hard and as we slice through the waves spray is glistening on either side. In the clipped on safety of the cockpit, coffee in one hand, Kindle and The Tailor of Panama in the other, I wriggle into the cockpit cushions, scan the inky black waves for lights and settle into another chapter as the ‘miles to go’ tick off. Such a life!
Miles travelled in the last 24 hours: 121 miles
Miles to Christmas Island: 554

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