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Date: 24 Sep 2015 05:37:16
Title: Sailing to Christmas Island

11:07:3S 117:52:8E
Thursday 24th September 2015
Dolphin Pod
Prior to leaving for this trip, I had seen dolphins, but only a few. Yesterday evening, the true meaning of a pod of dolphins was hit home. Fifty or more came by. They were big dolphins, dark grey almost black on top, with pale undersides. First were the young juveniles thrashing through the waves and leaping from crest to crest, then the more mature calmly surfacing now and again, mother’s with the young small infants brought up the rear. They just seemed to keep coming. There was no playing in our bow wave, it was as if they were on a mission and streamed passed slowly and gracefully, glancing our way when they surfaced. This was such a special treat to witness.
The current seems to have slowly left us, we still have ten to twelve knots of wind taking us along, but speed over ground has dropped to 4.5 – 5 knots. Our Navionics electronic charts have great pink arrows with many feathers, just where we lost the current. Strange, we would have thought here especially, it would flow. We have reached the ‘halfway there’ landmark. So a cold beer will be consumed with lunch – I love celebrations!
Miles travelled in 24 hours: 131 miles
Miles to Christmas Island: 748 mies

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