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Date: 22 Sep 2015 04:50:16
Title: Sailing to Christmas Island

11:15:6S 122:17:1E
Tuesday 22nd September 2015
Wind Smile
WD has found the missing raw ingredient at last! With out resorting to Brussel sprouts, cabbage or baked beans we have wind! Yesterday we had a soupçon, just enough to make three to four knots and use no fuel. It died slowly during the night. Denis’ early morning watch produced no more than nine current driven miles,  generally on course . Thank goodness a fair current seems to have set with us at last! Come change of watch at eight, we were playing with sails, was the ghoster better for light winds, when the wind arrived. Yes really arrived, for the last four hours we have had between twelve and fifteen knots on the beam, achieving twenty six wonderful miles. Maybe our schedule is not yet blown to bits.
Miles in the last twenty four hours: 70 miles
MIles to Chistmas Island: 1052 miles

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