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Date: 20 Sep 2015 05:26:24
Title: Still Motoring to Christmas Island

11:16:6S 125:24:0E
Sunday 20th September 2015
Windeo, Windeo, Where For Art Thou Windeo?
Not here that is for sure! An interesting phenomenon this morning, the sea was so flat that it was impossible to see where the sea ended and the sky began. It was made even more surreal when dolphins seemed to break the surface in the reflected clouds. They came under the bow to play as usual and were so clear, they could have almost been flying! No I haven’t been taking anything hallucinogenic, it was just plain weird looking. Quite a special start to the day. But we do want some wind please!
That seems to be holding out. No more oil leakages, air filter remains in place and fan belt is still good. Hopefully it will keep on chugging away, with no more problems. I’m checking on it like it is a new born baby at the moment. Fuel topped up, another 100 litres added to the tank, that’s about two days worth.
Australian Maritime Coastguard
They visited us again yesterday, two fly arounds and a radio chat. Still very formal, normally I’d be on first name terms after the first meeting. Denis has made me promise not to upset them; they asked me yesterday to confirm we had two people on board. I responded, that we hadn’t picked anyone up since leaving Darwin and yes, two people were still on board. Ok, perhaps a little rude. I’ll watch what I say next time. They promised a return visit today. I guess I’ll be formal too, a bit dull though.
Miles travelled in the last 24 hours: 97 miles (mainly due to stopping to repair the engine)
Miles to Christmas Island 1217 miles

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