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Date: 19 Sep 2015 04:30:46
Title: Motoring to Christmas Island

11:30:9S 127:10:7E
Saturday 19th September 2015
Should I Ever Wonder Why I Sail
I am so lucky to be able to sail as I do. Each passage is so different and I delight in the world in which we live. Last night the moon had already sunk beneath the horizon when I came on watch. The wind was gently wafting us along through the cloudless starlit night. Our black silhouette was outlined by the starlight. The sea was so calm, each wave was like a chuckle as it broke on the bow, a candescence of phosphorescent sparkles slowly slipped along our hull. Suddenly, as I’m gazing into the night, two silver sparkly trails stream to the bow. I am completely mesmerised by the phosphorescent diamond sparkles of two dolphins as they light our bow wave. Again and again they peel off port then starboard and stream back to the bow. Then, playtime over, off into the the night.
It is ephemeral moments like this when one’s whole being seems to become one with the world and you know, that this is Heaven on Earth and utterly magical!
Down to Earth/Sea with a Bump
At 0830 after a (bad for the) hearty English breakfast, Denis and I checked the engine. She had been running for about forty hours on and off. OH NO! Drip tray full of oil, air filter hanging off and one of the fan belts badly split. This is the alternative reality of sailing and no matter how magical things may get, it is down to us to keep everything going. Oil level check – good there is still oil on the dip stick. Refit air filter, replace the new breather pipe, which has failed with the engine heat. Top-up oil, replace fan belt. Mop-up oil and replace mat with kitchen roll to check for leaks(thank goodness for David’s supply of kitchen roll). Two hours since we started, engine back on. Check after thirty minutes and again an hour later – Phew! All seems ok. Note to self: must make more regular checks.
Not A Breath of Wind
It is not often that the True Wind Speed reads zero, but last night and this morning it was there. Mostly though, we have between zero and five knots of wind, on either port or starboard just forward of the beam. Why is it that weather forecasts are accurate when it is bad news? We have studied the grib files / marine weather forecasts and have decided to go further north to try and catch some wind. There seems to be more off the Timor coast, the current charts also show stronger here. Tomorrow or the next day, we should be going faster.
Miles travelled in last 24 hours: 114 miles
Miles to Christmas Island:: 1314

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