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Date: 18 Sep 2015 04:19:04
Title: Sailing to Christmas Island

11:51:4S 128:49:2E
Friday 18th September 2015
The trade winds are supposed to blow in a westerly direction, but if you leave late in September they become less predictable. We have the less predictable version, we have motor sailed for the last twenty four hours and if the forecast is correct, we will just be motoring for the next. The engine at the heart of WD our trusty Daimler Benz throbs on and emits several degrees of heat into the already warm cabins. It is currently 32 degrees centigrade below deck, I am racking my brain as to which meal I can cook with the minced kangaroo that will be quick and add least to the heat. The Ocean Current is helping us half the time, but like a tide still seems to reverse. I thought a current would just increase and decrease.
Official Goodbye
The Australian Maritime Border Force flew out to wish a pleasant journey to Christmas Island this morning. We were pleased to hear them call Starbo too, as we have now lost contact on the VHF. Judging from the pause between their call and our call, we estimate they are well ahead.
Thumb Trouble
We had arranged for Naffa Solomon a friendly and experienced local Egyptian diesel mechanic to service the engine with our help. We had done the oil change and were replacing the companion way steps, these need to be bolted down to keep them in place. Accessing the bolts is a feely job, you can’t see it, so reach in and feel for the bolt and  lock it in place. In the middle of the access hatch is the cooling fan for the battery charger, the switch is on its side. I clumsily clicked this on and then switched it off. Then I did the same movement again, feeling a little rattled and somewhat clumsy, I rushed to switch it off again, as my finger went to the switch, my thumb went into the blades of the fan, neatly slicing through most of the ball of my thumb. “Denis,” I said, “ I think this might be serious!” Denis was concerned for me as I tried to realign the half a centimetre thick slice. I decided as there was a doctor near by I’d use him/her. Sticking or stitching it back myself on my right hand , when I’m right handed wouldn’t be easy. Denis made sure I wasn’t about to pass out, as I made my way down the pontoon. The doctor whisked me into his air conditioned cool surgery and soon had me stuck back together. Prescription written for anti-biotics, and AU $140 bill paid, I made my way back to finish the engine service. It still throbs if I think about it, after 48 hours now, I’m still not sure whether the gradually blackening slice will survive, but there is no redness, so hopefully no infection. I seem to keep banging it though, I had no idea how much one uses one’s right thumb.
Miles travelled in the last 24hrs: 106 miles
Miles to Christmas Island: 1388 miles

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