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Date: 08 Sep 2015 04:09:54
Title: On our way to Darwin

10:52:5S 135:03:2E
Tuesday 9th September 2015
What a rigmarole!  We have now booked and paid for five days in Cullen Bay Marina and one year’s use of the lock to enter and leave....no we cannot have it on a pro rata basis. A whole year or not at all. Then we have arranged for Aquatic Biosecurity to dive and treat the underside of WD, at the Government of Northern Territories expense luckily. The bottom will be checked for invasive marine life and our through hull fittings will be treated with some sort of chemical. These will then be sealed for eleven hours. We will have to sit on the waiting pontoon at Cullen Bay Marina while this happens. Only then can we start the engine again and make our way into the marina. It all adds to the adventure and interest as we go along, this is a first though.
The wind is more favourable and we are managing a better daily average.
Miles travelled in 24hrs: 102 miles
Miles to Darwin: 370 miles

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