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Date: 03 Sep 2015 03:48:47
Title: On our way to Darwin

11:26:9S 142:58:1E
Thursday 3rd September 2015
A great 24 hours sail. We were accompanied by HMAS Mermaid for at least twelve hours, she shadowed us getting closer then falling away. Now she is well in front. No contact has been made, but they obviously think we are worth watching. We were also accompanied by small dolphins this morning, at least fifteen at one point. They were diving and surfing in our bow wave for over an hour, I never tire of watching them, such a joyful sight. No sign of Starbo, we guess she left us in her wake long ago and hasn’t stopped. Perhaps we will meet again in Cullen Bay Marina, Darwin.
We have covered about 120 miles in the last 24hours and hope to round the Torres Strait going down the Endeavour Strait tonight. The tides are very strong at this point so we have double checked and they are with us. Phew; just pirates to cope with then! Or hopefully NOT!
845 miles to Darwin

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