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Date: 02 Sep 2015 04:46:01
Title: Morris Island

13:26:45S 143:43:3E
Tuesday 1st September 2015
Cape Melville to Morris Island
Another wonderful day! If it wasn’t for the fact that we need more wind to just sail it would have been perfect. As it was it was pretty near! A gentle breeze, warm sunshine, azure seas dotted with palm tree clad islands and the gentle lapping of the waves on WD’s hull....all the while accompanied by the regular throbbing of the Daimler Benz.
After leaving us and gradually creeping further and further into the distance, Starbo radioed that they were abandoning plans to stop at Morris Island and sailing through the night and day to Cape Grenville and Margaret Bay. Whether it was the thought of mooring quite so close to WD, or we weren’t enthusiastic enough about the promised shared meal of chicken heart pasta (even though I had promised freshly made garlic bread), or perhaps we are just too slow. Whatever the reason, they sailed on as we set course for Morris Island. Denis and I fully expected to be the only yacht at this remote and exposed anchorage. But as we drew closer, from about seven miles out we could see, not only the promised single coconut palm, but also a mast. On arrival, were given a hearty greeting from lone sailor and captain of Rambler of Bundaberg. We shared the anchorage, but as we climbed the companion way steps in the early hours, we gazed bleary eyed on an empty anchorage. We celebrated with a full English breakfast...the only way.
The weather grib files indicate slightly more wind for the next few days, so we plan to make the most of the wind and sail non-stop for Darwin. This morning the winds are only a little stronger and it is obvious this will not be a record breaking run. Currently we are averaging a little over four knots, which equates to ninety six miles in twenty four hours. It is about two hundred miles to the Torres Straits. I hope the wind picks up a little in that time. If not, we plan to relax in to our four hourly watch routine, read, eat well and generally try not to have a care in the world (well not too many anyway).  We plan as always to have a dry passage.

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