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Date: 01 Sep 2015 01:19:27
Title: Cape Melville / Bathurst Bay

14:11:6S 144:27:6E
Our trip from Lizard island was with light winds, we motor sailed all the way. Our day started at 0500 and we reached the anchorage at 1835, just as the Sun was setting. The anchorage was awe inspiring, Huge Boulders left from the glaciers were piled mountainously high, dwarfing everything around. It looked a little alien in landscape terms. WD seems to be in fine fettle and makes steady progress. Sadly little wind for the last couple of days, therefore we are chugging our way north. Amazing scenery though, huge rain forest clad hills form the backdrop to this part of the passage. We dodge between reefs and see perfect desert islands; tonight's stop, Morris Island, if the pilot book is correct, has one coconut palm and a grave. Quite romantic, but being with Denis doesn't quite give the romance vibes. It is very interesting comparing our voyage with Capt. Cook's, this part has a similar route. He was such an amazing chap, imagine going through these reefs with no charts and just trying to find your way. We can't see the reefs unless up the mast, and then only if the sun is on our backs. It is incredible what those early explores achieved.
No wind again today, so we are again motoring. Starbo is way out in front on the horizon, they are about half a knot faster than us and gradually creep away. Plus this morning they slipped off at least half an hour earlier than us. We have arranged to meet and raft up tonight to share cooking and a bottle. Light winds at least enable us to be sociable.

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