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Date: 28 Aug 2015 07:22:39
Title: Cooktown

15:27:8S 145:14:3E

Departed Low Islets at 0550 the sun was just edging its rosy hue into the sky. 15-20 knots of wind all the way. It was worth cleaning WD's bottom she flew. At least an extra two knots boat speed.

At Cooktown the narrow channel proved easy but the fellow boaties were all very concerned at the way all boat at anchor were veering around. We moved twice,  each time further up river to get far enough away for a decent turning circle.

Today we've already explored the Grassy Hill Lookout and the Cook Museum. Cooktown is almost a one street town. But every building is well kept and there is lots of new building going on. Not the ghost town it was fifty years ago. Originally put on the map in 1770  as HMB Endeavour came in here to repair after hitting a reef. Then a gold rush brought in up to thirty thousand people. 141 licensed bars and 163 brothels. Things have certainly changed. As the gold ran out people left with the population dropping to 300. 1970 Queen Elizabeth came to celebrate Cooks bicentennial  and the town has grown since.

Tonight bbq'd King Fish and rice salad with the crew of Starbo.

Tomorrow as the sun rises we will raise the anchor and make for Lizard Island, a sacred Aboriginal site. I wonder if we'll see the monitor lizards that reputedly live there?

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