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Date: 26 Aug 2015 11:57:07
Title: Low Islets

16:22:8S 145:33:8E

We slow sailed from Cairns. I enjoyed staying there, everyone was so friendly and welcoming. Quite a wrench leaving. We cast off at about 0715 and slowly sailed the forty miles to The Low Islets a beautiful spot off Port Douglas, with a palm tree,  mangroves and a lighthouse. WD dragged her heels, feeling like she didn't want to leave either, but in reality she was covered in weed and barnacles and it was like dragging a deep pile carpet through the water. I couldn't do much in Cairns to clean the bottom and tomorrow in Cookstown in the Endeavor River there is the same problem,  saltwater crocodiles. So our first hour was spent diving around and scrubbing the boat bottom, as fast as I scrubbed the quicker the  giant fish with me ate the floating weed. I was even visited by a giant tuna, so tame I had to prod it away with the broom so could get at the keel. Job done now so we should make at least one knot faster tomorrow.
We met with SY Starbo, Cedric, Christophe and Erica from America, all genuinely pleased to see us. We travel to Cooktown together tomorrow to explore for a couple of days.

Lasagne, garlic bread and red wine, along with a stunning sunset rounded off a near perfect day.

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