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Date: 09 Aug 2015 00:36:00
Title: Fiji 4 by Penny

And so, the phone fiasco continueth.....it's disappearance was on Thursday. 

On Friday we were visited by the security guy again, who told us he had interrogated the 2 people who had accessed our room in the specified time. I felt sorry for them, Kevino was a big man! (There are many big men in Fiji, all comfortably attired in sarongs.)I found myself wondering what the punishment for this kind of crime would be. They hadn't admitted to taking the phone, and were too scared to come and clean our room! We said we were not looking for police involvement and please could our room be cleaned as there was sand all over the place and no dustpan and brush available! We took things out and put things into the safe regularly throughout Friday, Steve still vaguely looking for his phone....just in case! But there was no sign of it.

On Saturday we went for a walk whilst our room was being cleaned, quite a long walk to the next resort which was child free and lush, like some tranquil haven, and up to the helicopter landing pad; we were surprised that they were still cleaning our room as we returned. We hadn't made it so very messy really, and noticed a maintenance guy driving his black buggy, apparently pointlessly, to our room and back as we approached it, but didn't think THAT much about it at the time. 

Steve then went to the safe, put his hand in to get his laptop.....and took out ....his phone! My first thought was that we  had just missed it on our many searches; although this seemed highly unlikely, as the phone was right there, on top of everything, and would not explain how it came to be turned off, we had to entertain the idea that we had been complete numpties and that it had been there all the time and that Steve, who can on occasion forget precisely what he has done, may have turned it off; this made us feel very embarrassed, especially as the manager had provided us with a very nice bottle of wine at dinner the night before by way of apology. So, we debated...Did we report to manager Peter that, after all the fuss, the phone had reappeared, or did we just say nothing? What would you do?! Poor hotel manager Peter; it was his very first day in his new role! He first encountered us 3 days earlier as we arrived on Tokoriki,3 hours late due to high seas, when he was being trained up by his predecessor, another Peter. 

Anyway, of course we did tell Peter, and he was even more embarrassed than before! He must have been so delighted to see us leave, when we eventually did on Sunday, 2 hours later than scheduled due to high seas! We were then visited by maintenance men who used a dongle in order to try and establish who might have opened our safe to return the phone! They found it tricky to follow the instructions to do this, and returned later to have another go! The whole situation was completely bizarre, and did not inspire confidence as to the safety of anything actually IN the safe.

At school, if anything goes missing, we give children the chance to return  it, which generally works! We can only think that this is what happened here! We have left it with the hotel to sort out, both  rather relieved not to be the ones in charge of having to manage the situation! Happily, Steve, (who had actually started to get quite excited about getting a newer phone,) now has his old one back....so....if you do get a call from his phone saying he has been abducted by pirates....he really has!! 

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