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Date: 08 Aug 2015 00:40:04
Title: Fiji 3 Blog by Penny

Never a dull moment! Just when one thinks it is at last time to relax....a new challenge presents itself, this time in the form of Steve's phone mysteriously disappearing at around 1.00pm yesterday (Thursday). 

I apologise now to all those avid bloggers who await with baited breath for Steve's next sailing instalment but the following is the story of unfortunate events that occurred and will make no reference to auto pilots, sails, engines or winches!

Steve is, self confessed and, as all who know him will agree Mr Belt and Braces, so that this has happened is a source of great consternation to him. In his defence it probably needs to be said that I gave him a bit of an ear bashing at Christmas when he lost my blog before uploading it, so to ensure we remained friends this time he took himself off to the hotel pcs to upload the blog when his laptop wouldn't play. So I am not entirely exonerated from a part in the sad tale which follows.

I was left languishing in the sunshine  outside our room, and was happy for the cheery lady to service our room. (Let it be said that prior to this holiday Steve and I have very rarely stayed in a hotel/ resort, not that this excuses what follows, but we are not that au fait with the protocol I guess! This holiday is the ultimate treat for us both!) quite a while after his return, Steve looked in the safe for his phone, and it wasn't there. We had been advised to put everything valuable in the safe. We then began the phone hunt....not in any of Steve's pockets.....not in any of Steve's bags....not in any of my bags or pockets....not under the bed...not in any drawers....now we were getting frantic....not in the fridge...( I hope you are reading this, Sheryl!) Steve thought he remembered leaving it near the television....not in the safe, or the fridge, but still we searched again, and still it was not in any of the aforementioned places. Surely, but surely the smiley lady wouldn't have taken it? Would she? It's a horrible feeling to think someone might have been responsible, and it is not in our nature to accuse anyone without evidence. The trouble was...the phone had been  there, then, it wasn't. 

I sought the assistance of 4 different people, including 2 managers who all called Steve's phone and got the message that it was turned off. Steve never turns his phone off so that kind of sealed the deal. Our lovely relaxing afternoon now had to involve hotel security taking a statement and Steve ploughing through the implications of losing his phone and what would happen if anyone actually managed to access any information. Fortunately though, Steve IS Mr Belt and Braces so the chances of anyone actually being able to get to anything are remote. So, if you have received a message from him saying he has not been abducted by pirates, this is true and not some kind of double bluff! He does not need rescuing. However, as I write this I now panic slightly in case he does at some point  get abducted by pirates and no one then helps him!

After all the excitement we sat at the bar drinking a beer and watching all the island workers leaving on the boat, with their bags, kind of knowing that Steve's phone was now leaving the island, and we were watching it leave, but there was absolutely nothing we could do about it!

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