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Date: 05 Jul 2015 00:13:22
Title: Fiji to Australia

16:23:3S 146:56:9E
Sunday 5th July 2015
Imminent Arrival
Yet again we are arriving on a Sunday and even in Australia, Quarantine Officials don’t work. So we have an appointment on Monday morning at “o’crack sparrow hour”. Until then we are required to remain on board WD.
As I write this we are still about 75 miles from Cairns, we yet have negotiate the Grafton Passage through the reef and Cairns’ River; at our current speed, that’s about twelve hours of sailing. It is 0840 and we have hopefully, eleven hours of daylight, so a night entry is yet again required. Fortunately, Cairns should be well lit with navigation marks.
Simon Melizan – End of Passage Report
Captain’s Comments
Simon has a quiet confidence beyond his years. He has taken on the responsibility of Master of the Watch, two four hour watches per day, without fuss and in a trust earning manner.
Simon’s Day Skipper was the ideal preparation to build upon, he has taken the idiosyncrasies of my malfunctioning Raymarine Chartplotter in his stride, navigating us safely through the day and night. Although the monotony of watch keeping for someone in their early twenties was delicately balanced between pod casts, reading and music, his attention to the task seldom waivered.
Personal and Social
Already a master of diplomacy, Simon has laughed at our jokes and politely eaten most of our culinary offerings. How he coped patiently with two old codgers unaided for this whole passage will remain a mystery to us all, but augers well for future employment.
Simon has kept his bed and clothes ready to use (read into that what you will). Cooked and cleaned with great aplomb. He is adept in the galley and can rustle up a meal even in the most rocking and rolling conditions.
Simon has been a breath of fresh air to this rather crusty old teak lined, gentleman’s club atmosphere. He brought an infectious wonderful youthful enthusiasm which has been a delight. An excellent crew mate who will be sorely missed and an asset aboard any boat.
Miles travelled in the last 24hrs: 150
Miles to go: 75

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