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Date: 03 Jul 2015 23:57:51
Title: Fiji to Australia

15:33:3S 149:15:4E
Saturday 4th July 2015
Australian Customs and Border Control
Yesterday at around 1500 we were happily chatting in the cockpit when a large aircraft came to visit. It made three low level passes and then called on the VHF Channel 16. I really nice Kylie sound alike, asked me to confirm our yachts name and port of registration, where we were going and where we had come from, how many on board and did we have any animals. She wanted to know when we anticipated getting there. Then she read me a script stating that we must not have contact with other people or leave the vessel until “Cleared In” by Customs.
It all sounded very straight forward, but what an expense flying around looking for vessels approaching their shores. We have already sent them a Smallcraft Arrival Form by email and anther email confirming we anticipated arriving early. But then WD does not grace their shores very often, I can understand it must be exciting for them!
We are flying along on a beam reach. Very bumpy, with three reefs in. Our hope is to arrive tomorrow afternoon. We have booked into Marlin Marina for the duration.
Miles travelled in the last 24hrs: 161
Miles to go: 208

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