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Date: 02 Jul 2015 00:41:09
Title: Fiji to Australia

16:13:2S 154:35:0E
Thursday 2nd June 2015
Weather Keeps Simon on His Toes!
Yesterday, during the day we had so little wind we were considering using the engine. Simon’s watch began at 2000, within the hour things had changed dramatically! 30+ knots of wind were rounding us up, WD using the Aries to steer was rounding up and yawing from side to side. David being the last n watch was standby and was called on for advice, the headsail was reefed and anther click given to the Aries. All was now under control. Simon’s cool head when things are getting tough is impressive and inspires trust, perhaps all 20 somethings are like that these days? The wind has continued throughout the night and we are making up the lost miles yesterday’s lack of wind caused.
Miles travelled in 24hrs: 143
Miles to go: 525
NB. Those of you mathematically bent, following our miles closely will note that it is not a case of just deducting yesterday’s miles travelled from miles to go. Due to wind strength and direction, it is sometimes impossible to travel straight down the route to the next waypoint. These are miles we have to add to the total passage and are not part of the miles to go. EG. Yesterday, the day’s run was 143, but the distance to go will have reduced by 137 miles, ie. 662 yesterday and today 525, giving a distance of 7 additional miles travelled “of meandering”.

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