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Date: 30 Jun 2015 00:43:20
Title: Fiji to Australia

16:52:7S 159:17:5E
Tuesday 6th June 2015
Thoughts from Simon
This is a place where humans really have no right to be, harsh unforgiving and full of power. Yet when I wake up, here I am! Sometimes I think, “What the heck am I doing here?” But the open ocean is about as far away from human contact and intervention as you can get. I can’t help but feel privileged to be to one of the very few who get to experience it. Truly beautiful!
Angle of Sail
We continue to zip along at a good pace, the wind has shifted dead astern and the yawing from side to side with the Aries wind steering has made it crucial that we concentrate on watch. With the rolling created by the waves we easily go in to an involuntary gybe (main sail swings dangerously from one side to the other). A gybe preventer is set to lessen the impact of this, but in the strong winds and big seas even a backed mainsail can cause problems.
Miles travelled in last 24 hrs: 164 miles

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