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Date: 20 Jun 2015 00:29:32
Title: Tonga to Fiji

18:00:4S 177:12:4E
Saturday 20th June 2015
Fiji Approach
What a fickle thing the weather is! Where are you wind when we need you? We are currently 30 miles from our destination Lautoka. We need to get there during office hours and it is midday. The wind has died, probably as we are in the lee of the island, we have the engine on and sails up catching the 7 knots of  true wind. We are staying as far off shore as we can to catch the breeze, whilst trying to do as short a distance as possible. Six miles until the Navula Passage through the coral reef, hopefully any adverse current will disappear once through the passage. There tends to be a big current flowing out through the passages from all the waves that have broken over the coral reef. Are the Customs, Immigration and Quarantine open on a Sunday...one has to hope so, we may not make the deadline today! Simon we will see you asap, officials permitting.
Miles travelled in the last 24hrs: 133 miles

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