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Date: 12 Jun 2015 23:17:16
Title: Bora Bora to Tonga

18:31:3S 172:56:8W
Friday 12th June 2015
Darts Finish / Not There Yet!
We didn’t manage the planned finish. The wind has dropped and the best we can hope for is to arrive after dark ( to continue the darts theme: eighteen, double twenty, on our current mileage)The pilot tells us that we have to moor to the main wharf and await clearance. The only problem is it could be a long wait. We arrive and skip a day, so arrive Saturday night, Sunday being the next day. The pilot also says that Tongan’s are strict Wesleyan Christians, so we will have to see whether Customs, Immigration and Agriculture officials work on Sundays.
Books and more books
Thank goodness WD has a stack of paperbacks. David having finished his supply has dipped in and read five novels this passage. I’ve only read three on my Kindle, I’ve either been paying more attention to the helm or David is a faster reader....hopefully the latter.
Miles travelled in the last 24hrs: 131miles

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