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Date: 12 Jun 2015 00:32:13
Title: Bora Bora to Tonga

18:25:9S 170:49:4W
Thursday 11th June 2015
Darts Finish
The last thirty six hours have ben good sailing and we have made such good progress that we are hoping to get there tomorrow. It is touch and go though...hence the darts finish: we are going triple twenty, triple twenty and Bulls Eye. I hope it is easier than that would be in darts. We have two reefs both main and genoa sails. the genoa is poled out to port. Currently we are making between six and seven knots, if we can continue at this pace we will make it in daylight.
Then I understand that we have some pretty strict officials to deal with.
Miles travelled in the last 24hr: 156 miles

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