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Date: 08 Jun 2015 00:01:29
Title: Bora Bora to Tonga

17:47:8S 161:52:9W
Sunday 7th June 2015
Slow Going
This passage has given us a chance to really relax. We can sit in the cockpit and have hatches open without fear of a bucket of salt water finding its way below or into our underwear! The sea is a rich deep blue, studded with a shimmering crust of diamonds all reflecting the golden sunlight. The pale blue sky is uniformly dotted with white cotton wool clouds. With gently lapping waves WD wends her way to Tonga. We sit and read, write the blog, do the daily safety check, clean and cook. Sleeping is now easy, we have adjusted to the routine. If we put or heads down, a snoring we will go. It may be slow progress, but what a lovely calm voyage we are on. “Deadlines!” says David, “Relax!” Say I. Although after four days, even I’m getting a little ‘stir crazy’. STOP PRESS: Yippee! Wind has arrived today.
Sleazy NZ Skipper
“Hello, do you guys know if there are any females wanting to crew? Mine just packed and walked away! She had signed up for the whole voyage.” We were in the office at Marine De Tahiti. A thin rather weasely faced man, in his late sixties , with longish dyed blonde hair, was addressing David and me. We pointed out the advert written by a Finnish lady, who had heaps of sailing experience. She was looking to join a boat going east. With a big grin he grabbed the advert. “This looks like my lucky day!” he said, “Finnish girls are good!” Later that week he caught up with us again, “My God,” he said, “Did you see her? Ugly as hell and no boobs. She even tried to tell me she would join my boat!”
We now had a pretty good idea why his crew had left so abruptly. The Finnish lady was lucky she was not going to be his crew.
Mixed Emotions
A high light of any day for me is an email from one of my family. I had never anticipated how much i would miss them all. Not that I can complain, I am ‘Living the Dream!’ But when I hear of the family events I am missing and what is going on in their lives, I want, more than anything, to be there with them. I am so lucky to have a wife who was prepared to let me follow my dream and what an amazing time I am having. But I would caution anyone about to set off and leaving a loving family, your heart will be pulled both ways. In the quieter times of each day, your thoughts will always turn towards those you love and hope and pray all is well at home.
Miles travelled in the last 24hrs: 104 miles

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