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Date: 03 Jun 2015 23:36:24
Title: Bora Bora to Tonga

16:56:8S 153:40:2W
Wednesday 3rd June 2015
Vava’u Tonga
This seems a long way off at the moment, 1284miles as we set off. We have had a frustrating 24hrs with little wind. The engine has been on for 22 hours almost continuously. The engine temperature gauge became more and more erratic during the night giving me cause for concern about engine temperature,  but this morning all was explained as the needle fell off inside the gauge...something else to replace. But fortunately not an overheating engine.
We are in good spirits, lots of reading going on in between correcting our course. The Aries wind steering does remarkably well with wind, but with little it struggles to to keep a course, so after a paragraph or page we check to see we haven’t wandered too far from our course. This made for a very long four hours of watch.
Miles covered in the the last 24hrs: 123 miles

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