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Date: 30 May 2015 20:09:22
Title: Tahiti

Friday 30 May 2015

Papeete, Tahiti

Essential Supplies
We have been full on the last couple of days. Yesterday we scoured the chandlers for a shroud tensioning gauge. We stopped for a lunch and two French chaps befriended us. An unlikely friendship, an estate agent and an artist. The artist was drunk and persistently making funny comments at the estate agents expense. The estate agent just kept apologising for his friend. Apparently they are rivals for the attention of a girl they had just met. They popped us in this car and whisked off to another set of chandlers we had not seen both here and five kilometres away at the other marina. But no luck, we were assured that there was no such thing on the island. Unfortunately, the rigger is on holiday, again and cannot see us for several days. In the evening we were invited to SY Jenny, by Lyn and Alan, we had a great chat and ended up going out for dinner to the truck restaurants again. A good evening.

Today, David again went off early to the super market for croissants. Later I took the ukulele to be fumigated at the phytosanitaire . Luckily After walking for forty five mins I found it on the other side of the dock. Mathilde a French nurse arrived with two more to be fumigated. She offered me a lift back to town and to pick me up later, to collect. One and half hours later I had the ukulele and a certificate to prove it had been fumigated. I was then able to post it home to Theo for his birthday. David went to sort out us clearing out and going Bora Bora.

This afternoon I was fixing things, the engine control now has an internal gear change and the horse shoe life belt has a new light bracket. A new engine control is arriving with Simon in Fiji. Whilst David went provision shopping. We have decided to go to Bora Bora tomorrow and miss out Rarotonga, going straight to Tonga to try and make up on the schedule. It should take about twelve days from here, given favourable winds. A shame to leave without the chance to explore more than the town. But that is the nature of a two year circumnavigation, a hold up has consequences!

We have invited Kenny and Crew from SY Elin to join us for dinner this evening at the Truck restaurant.

Turtle News
We are delighted that the turtle that we saw tangled in rope and a tree trunk after leaving Panama, but were too far away to help was caught and freed by a Sunsail delivery crew who were only a few hours behind us. Phew, now I can sleep easy again with a clear conscience!

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