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Date: 26 May 2015 23:08:39
Title: Marquesas to Tahiti

15:37:4S 147:29:9W
Tuesday 26th May 2015
Polynesia Magellan Net
Poly Mag Net, is our SSB network to keep in touch and make sure we log in somewhere each day. This morning David was logging our position with them and listening to the other yachts doing the same, when news came in of two yachts that had lost their rudders and just arrived in the Marquesas. They were asking if anyone knew of haul out facilities, sadly there are none. They limped in using a drogue for steering. One has water coming through their rudder stock which is far more serious. My only though was they could go aground at high water next to the quay in Nuku Hiva, dry out enough to see what might be fixed. Unfortunately this is also where we where seeing the most sharks.
Historically Difficult Navigation
We navigated through the Tuamotu Islands last night, all coral atolls, so very low lying. This has always been an area of difficult navigation as land is so low and difficult to see until you are nearly on it. That plus strong currents make no room for error. Thank goodness for GPS!
Arrival in Tahiti
We hope to arrive in Papeete tomorrow afternoon, local time. The wind has dropped somewhat, but we are still managing six plus knots.
Miles travelled in the last 24hrs: 166 miles

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