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Date: 25 May 2015 23:05:44
Title: Marquesas to Tahiti

13:36:0S 145:40:7W
Monday 25th May 2015
Ken’s Musings
Must of you know that Ken ran out of time on WD, he had to fly back to London and the S.Africa to deliver a training program. We do miss Ken and his musings, it is great to have someone with a spiritual way of looking at things on board. Both David and I will do our best to wax lyrical, but I fear disappointment may follow.
Heron Reach
Great excitement as we saw our first boat since leaving Nuku Hiva. Heron Reach was on her way there from Tuamotu. We spoke on the VHF and exchanged weather info and good places to visit, before wishing each other “fair winds.”
They are taking their toll! We are both tired and hoping that we can grab sleep s and when we can. The wind has whipped up some large waves on the port quarter and these are ether knocking us off course or breaking into the cockpit. Not relaxing conditions! We are doing a fabulous speed though, mostly seven knots or more. Giving us a 24hr mileage of 161 miles.

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