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Date: 24 May 2015 23:33:19
Title: Marquesas to Tahiti

11:54:4S 143:36:8W
Sunday 24th May 2015
Special Thanks
These are due to Tom on SY Desire and Gavin on SY Margaret Wraughton Rival 41C (Denis and I met them in Dominica) for giving me the confidence and knowledge to tackle the rigging replacement myself. It is holding well so far! Frequent checks make me less anxious.
Also thanks to Aidrian, his Dad, Thor and Poa. Ken and I first met them at Shelter Bay Marina, Colon, when we were getting fuel when their rather beat up yacht came in. They were chatty and on their way to Fiji from USA where Dad used to have a Marina. They were going to start life over again. Little did I know that they had a lathe and milling machine below the decks of their 45’ SY Unity. Between them, they stuck the broken Morse gear change/throttle control back together and machined out the inside and made a new insert to fit the haft of the controller. “Treat it like a baby.” So I’m being very gentle. Thanks also to Denis who sourced a new replacement, Simon is bringing that to Fiji when he joins us.
Lost Hat
My Panama Jack hat (yes the one that should have had corks around) blew away this morning. A squall came in and the reefing line for the self furling genoa was stuck, in my haste to sort it the hat blew back, was caught by the strap, but I must have put it back on the wrong way, as the next gust took it well away from WD. I wonder what I’ll replace that with. I like that hat!
David and I seem to settling in to a routine, only time will tell how tired we get, but we do get at least eight hours sleep, just in small four hour shifts. If we are too tired we may look for another crew member in Tahiti. Hopefully, we won’t need to, as anyone new will be a stranger and always a bit of gamble as to whether we get on.
Miles travelled in the last 24hrs : 146 miles. Hopefully four more days to go to Papeete.

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