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Date: 15 Jul 2014 18:10:00
Title: Baiona to Leixoes

41:10:2N 008:42:35W

0600 up on time. leaving Baiona under engine. It is foggy and the wind is on the nose. Many lobster pots to dodge and fishing boats with nets in between - at least we think that's what is going on, so avoid going through the gap. I have a rope cutter fitted on the propeller, 'Just in case.' But to be honest, I'd rather not test it. Can you imagine the fury I might unleash amongst the pleasant happy fishingfolk? We were using radar to spot boats and take early avoiding action. Our plan is to get to Leixoes (phonetically sounded Le Chois) near Porto. I can't get my head around the Portugese pronunciations, there is obvious logic but that is avoiding me at the moment.

Strange, I hadn't realised Portugal was in the same time zone as the UK. So that gives us another which we will gain when we get there.

We arrived after a fairly uneventful journey...I won't become blasé about dolphins? we were visited regularly through the day watching them play in our bow wave. Steve K even mounted his GoPro on the boat hook for underwater shots, which apparently look amazing. We can't see them until he has edited them, as there is a lot of  nothing videoed too. He has promised a link when all is done.

As we came into the marina we were met by one of the staff, he shouted, "How long you staying? One night, one week, one month, forever?" Well, the place is run down and it certainly looks as if some of the boats have arrived at their grave yard. One called Phoenix, had its spray hood in shreds and weeds growing from its deck.

The office was about to shut, so I dashed off down the pontoon to make sure we got a key pass for the gate and showers. The man in the office was keen to go. So he said no paperwork 17.50 Euros, I gave him 20 and he gave me change from his pocket! He said no deposit for the card , just put it through the letter box when you leave.

We were going to travel into Porto by bus and sample some port. But after showering it was getting late so we opted for a smalll backstreet restaurant doing a BBQ right next to the customers. The most common thing on the menu is fish, boiled potatoes and salad. Steve and I opted for this healthy option and Jason burger. Our fish arrived as did the burger and we tucked in. Steve and I were feeling quite pleased with ourselves having almost finshed the five large fish we were served, when the waiter brought another five! We laughed and he looked most offended and proceeded to put the fish on our plates - we did our best, but I was defeated. I thought sardines were small, how big can they grow?

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