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Date: 03 May 2015 20:20:09
Title: Galapagos to Marquesas

07:56:5S 133:52:W
Sunday 3rd May 2015
End of Passage Report – David Whitaker
Discussion: David is well read and has well reasoned opinions on a range of topics. Uses facts not assumptions. He is quite prepared to challenge others assumptions. Enjoys a good discussion, acknowledging well made points.
Maths: Quick with arithmetic. Particularly enjoys graphs and visual displays of data.
Technology: Not quite a luddite, but a quick learner. Likes to ensure the software is well founded in equations.
Captain’s Comments: A thoroughly reliable crew member, who enjoys seeing the positive in situations. Great to have on board!
Parting of the Shrouds
Safety inspection at 0600 local time, the forward port shroud showed a strand of wire peeling away up to the rolling hitch. The aft port shroud seems to have stabilised, no further deterioration. We have light winds today, so are at the mercy of the swell, which is rolling us, causing the sails to slat from side to side and thus shock strain on the shrouds. Less continuous strain. Not a great situation. No other damage seems evident to either the tops of the shrouds or those on the starboard side. We are monitoring closely. Still 300+ mies to go.
Miles travelled over the last 24hrs: 157miles

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