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Date: 02 May 2015 22:22:54
Title: Galapagos to The Marquesas

07:04:3S 131:39:8W
Passage Report – Kenneth Ideus
Story Telling: A real raconteur. A story or anecdote for every event. A very impressive repertoire.
Knot Tying, Steering, Practical Skills: Very inventive and a quick learner. What he doesn’t know he’ll make up.
Music: A real talent, he even writes his own songs.
Captains Comments: Ken is a great crew member, always smiling, he even thanks me when I wake him for his watch.
Safety Check
This mornings check revealed, weakened windward lower shrouds. We have strengthened them by attaching rolling hitches to the wire, passing that through the bottle screw and tensioning with spare halyards. We have reefed the genoa, this may slow us down, but should get us to The Marquesas without a full rig failure. This leg of the circumnavigation is renowned for rig problems with the lower shrouds as the swell constantly hits the stern port quarter slewing the yacht around, creating significant pressure and flexing on the lower shrouds. Over fifty per cent of the boats that set off at about the same time as us, have reported similar problems with their rigs via the Magellan Pacific Net. The pilot does not mention a rigger at Hiva Oa or Nuku Hiva, but there are regular flights to Papeete were there is a rigger. Should it prove necessary I will take the damaged shrouds and get new ones made to fit.

Diary Entries