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Date: 26 Apr 2015 22:21:53
Title: Galapagos to The Marquesas

04:33:4S 116:30:8W
Sunday 26th April 2015
Flying Fish, Dolphins and Wandering Dream
We seem to have had a glut of flying fish, they keep landing on the deck. As WD surges into their wave, they panic and fly in any direction. The schools are getting bigger and so the number hitting the deck is increasing. Soon be able to gather a meal for us all.
Last night we were visited by at least twenty dolphins. Two scouted us out, they jumped a good two metres clear of the water, it did seem they were looking at us, decided we would be good fun to play with and went off to collect their mates. A couple of minutes later the sea behind us was full of dolphins, leaping and jumping over the waves to compete in the WD bow wave surfing competition. They chased the flying fish all around leaping clear of the water many times in their hot pursuit. It was so exciting and still going on as the Sun finally sank into the glowing red ocean and the spectacle gradually faded from view. What a privilege!
Wandering Dream is still flying along. We had yet another record day yesterday with 172 miles travelled in 24hrs. It can’t last, can it? We are grateful for all the extra miles travelled each day, as we are sure sooner or later, the wind must drop. We have taken the direct route to The Marquesas, following Jimmy Cornell’s advice, initially doubting it would work, now we are over hauling yachts that went further south and set off before us. I would never have thought that WD was capable of these consistent speeds, the Aries wind steering keeps us on the best point of sail. No wonder, Ed and Genny Webb, set a record crossing time when they crossed the Atlantic in WD. They too must have had the perfect conditions. Halfway point crossed last night.

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