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Date: 25 Apr 2015 19:19:32
Title: Galapagos to The Marquesas

04:15:3S 113:06:3W
Saturday 25th April 2015
Record Breaking Daily Run
We have achieved close to hull speed (max speed for this shape and size of hull) most of the last 24hrs. Certainly we have not achieved anything near this mileage on any other passage. The record now stands at 167 miles in a 24hr period. The wind, current and sea conditions are still in our favour and if this continues we could be on for a really fast passage.
Fish, Fish Everywhere
We have had a flying fish in through the centre hatch last night, one flying through the cockpit between Ken and I and three landing on deck. We are constantly seeing shoals of a hundred or more taking off to flee WD as she approaches, you would think that with all these small fish, bigger ones must be about, but we have seen very little to support this theory and nothing has taken out bait yet.
Bread Receives Stamp of Approval
Our tea yesterday allowed sampling of the first bread from the WD bakery with its new head baker. All crew walloped it down and looked for more. Sorry chaps, one loaf must last two days! Flour stocks are down to the new four bought in the Panama. The weevil did for the rest. They are becoming desperate an have now begun on our rice stock....we are fighting back with insecticide, sealed zip lock bags and plastic containers. Fortunately, the belt and braces approach to food on WD will ensure enough nutrition for the crew. But all out war has been declared on the weevil, with the crew all agreeing, “The only good weevil is a dead one!” Not out normal Buddhist philosophy.
A Ship
We sighted our first ship today. She was a huge roll on roll off ship bound for Papeete, Tahiti. Ken was on the helm, and quite shocked to see the ship appear on the AIS screen. It passed us a respectable one and a half miles distant. Close enough to have a good look at the WD and her intrepid crew skimming over the waves at eight knots.

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