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Date: 23 Apr 2015 22:41:25
Title: Galapagos to The Maquesas

03:49:9S 108:20:4W
Thursday 23rd April 2015
Happy St George’s Day
A Fishy Tale
No we still haven’t caught one, well, not on a line anyhow. David had the fore hatch open as we had a relatively calm night. When in flew a flying fish, it landed on his bed, he didn’t notice, but the scales were there as evidence. He found it on the floor behind the door in the morning. During the routine safety inspection, Ken found two more flying fish and a squid on deck. Unfortunately the squid squashed up between his toes before he saw it. Later it was used as bait, but still no success.
Infestation!!! The Evil Little Weevil
You evil little weevil,
you really have to go.
First you’re in the flour,
then you’re in the dough.
Now you’re in the pasta,
that really is a pain,
Over board with it all,
the weevil is to blame!
                                        Capt. Litson
So now we have no pasta, a few we can cope with, but how do they get into unopened packets, breed so fast and grow so big?
Three On Board
The wind and sun are providing just enough energy to provide for the fridge 24/7 and a shower each, every other day. Now that is better. Although certain past crew may miss the baby wipes, I don’t!
Miles travelled in the last 24hrs: 144 miles. Now that is good going!

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