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Date: 22 Apr 2015 18:55:05
Title: Galapagos to The Marquesas

03:34:7S 105:40:5W
One Thousand Miles
We have completed one thousand miles today on our trip to The Marquesas. Only 2090 still to go!
Fruit and Veg
Fresh fruit and veg are running out or going rotten, so we will be starting on the sachets and cans soon.
No Fish Still!
The fish seem to have put the message around that the blue/green boat should be avoided. You see Robert, it was nothing to do with you!
Wet and Windy
Last night we all got soaked through, David even resorted sensibly to full waterproofs. The wind has been very fickle, gusting constantly and preventing sustained use of the Aries without a hand to regularly correct. The three hour watches are quite exhausting.
Another Yacht
We sighted another yacht at about three this morning. She was about three miles off and gradually during the early hours she slipped by. Nothing on AIS, but her masthead light showing well despite the rain.
Miles covered in the last 24hrs: 130 miles

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