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Date: 19 Apr 2015 19:29:36
Title: Galapagos to The Marquesas

02:56:1S 099:07:5W
Huevos Rancheros Again
Ken explained that although the Heuvos Rancheros was good it could be so much better. He is our South American food aficionado. It should consist of Arepas, with smashed beans on top, fried eggs and guacamole and salsa. Ok, say David and I perhaps you could make it for us? That said, Ken whisked up a wonderful breakfast this morning, I real treat.
Quiet Night
Last night we continued to have good wind. Our average boat speed since setting off has increased to 5 knots which is what we had originally planned for. If this keeps up we should arrive on schedule.
The Sea Never Lets You Forget
David and Ken settled in for a few hours much needed sleep last night. Below decks the average night time temperature is about 29 degrees, so hatches are opened when possible, anything to get a bit of a breeze through the cabin. Both had propped up their hatches. Ken soundly asleep and dreaming of his brother squirting water at him, suddenly had a face full, at least a litre of water had slopped through the open hatch soaking Ken and his pillow, stoically he turned his pillow over and was snoring again in next to no time. Clever David however, had inserted a t-shirt on the windward side of his hatch and had a completely undisturbed sleep. My port hole was open, and being lower than all the hatches got a great gush of water straight in covering the bunk. I arrived below a little too late to survey the mess. One freak wave just to remind us, we shouldn’t forget the sea has so much power.
Magellan Pacific Net
We have continued to participate in the Net, sending twice daily updates on our position, weather and course information. The other Pacific yachts do the same. Sharing in this way informs us of what is ahead and allows much needed passage planning information. We haven’t seen a single yacht since leaving the Galapagos, but through this media we are not alone in this vast Ocean.
Miles travelled in the last 24hrs: 135miles

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