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Date: 18 Apr 2015 18:00:25
Title: Galapgos to Marquesas

02:45:2S 096:36:2W
Saturday 18th April 2015
The Wind Keeps Blowing
Fortunately, the found wind has stayed with us and we have maintained a good speed during the night. Another no engine day.
Auto Pilot Failure (technical bit)
The Raymarine auto pilot, was engaged briefly to adjust the Aries wind steering gear, only to find it not working. Much head scratching was done, power there, the last time it was used it worked fine. Further investigation revealed the link arm from the servo has fallen off the tiller arm and become detached from the servo unit itself. This looks like a tough one to fix enroute and may require a technician from Raymarine as the ball bearings have dropped out of the servo link arm bearing. Thank goodness for the Aries! Let’s hope the wind keeps blowing, or we could be hand steering the whole way.
All else well onboard and good spirits.
Miles travelled in the last 24 hours: 122 miles

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