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Date: 15 Apr 2015 17:05:48
Title: Galpagos to Marquesas

01:44:1S 091:07:6W
Robert leaves
Tempted by the luxury of hotels and Marisa’s congenial company, Robert signed off from the crew and flew to Isla Isabella and the Quito, Ecuador. He is due a rest to recover from the trauma of crewing on WD and only catching one fish in ten days. He then returns home. We will miss his totally positive personality and great sense of humour.
Fuelled-up and Ready to Go
Steve, David and Ken WD’s Pacific crew went ashore yesterday to fully fuel with a hearty breakfast: Heuvos Rancheros, guava smoothie, tropical fruit salad toast and coffee....it was delicious! By 1130 we were away. Leaving the Galapagos Nature Reserve was a wrench, it has been a fascinating and relaxing stay. We were given a treat during the fifty miles to clear the islands, we saw spotted manta rays jumping and a shoal of large Mahi Mahi leaping clear of the water. During the night we accompanied by several mysterious white guests who clacked the beaks in a friendly manner.
Engine On
Aiming to clear the Doldrums and pick up some wind, we have now been motoring for twenty four hours. We have had the current with us and against and the wind has yet to stop coming at us and build the forecasted 10 – 15 knots. Our fishing tackle is out trailing the ‘Little Man’, bungee and line and ‘The Beast’, large fishing rod, both with diving fish / rebel as lures.
Magellan Net
A regular feature of our day is now a 0730 and 1700 link up with other Pacific, Marquesas bound boats, via SSB (single side band) HF (high frequency) radio. We all share location, heading, speed and weather conditions. Reassuring support from other yachties who can check up on each other and possibly offer assistance.
Blog Error
I feel honour bound to point out an error in our blog (you have all been polite enough not to mention it); The Beagle captain was Capt. Fitzroy. Not Coptorne as previously mentioned.
Miles travelled in last 24 hrs: 123 miles
Miles to go: 2917

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