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Date: 06 Apr 2015 17:49:03
Title: Panama to Galapagos

00:29:5S 087:53:0W
Monday 6th July 2015
Reputations Saved – FISH!
At 0730 this morning a line was cast over the side of WD, as it has been each morning for that eight days. Robert went below to make coffee, Ken and David were chatting happily in the cockpit, when....”Mahi Mahi!” shouted Ken. Two had jumped clear of the water chasing a shoal of flying fish. One jumped in the vicinity of our lure, within a nano-second the reel was singing. We were all o deck, Ken hauled, Robert gaffed and I sprayed vodka onto the gills, our chose humane method of putting the fish down. While David kept us  on track.
Breakfast Recipe – Arepa Con Dorado
One yacht, 4 fishermen
One set of fishing tackle
Corn flour
Olive oil
Salt and black pepper
Mahi Mahi / Dorado
Sail for eight days and eventually catch fish. Skin and fillet fish, marinade with olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper to taste.
Meanwhile mix corn flour with water and salt, press into flat bread rounds. Deep fry arepa and fish. Serve with hot pepper sauce.  Delicious!
Miles travelled in last 24 hours: 92 painfully slow miles
Miles to go: 85 miles
Should be there tomorrow!

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