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Date: 04 Apr 2015 17:00:41
Title: Panama to Galapagos

00:16:0N 084:36:7W
Saturday 5th April 2015
Last Night The Lunar Eclipse
As I came on watch at 0300 the full moon illuminated the sea around Wandering Dream. Puffs of clouds were floating, just out of reach of the sails. The dark grey waves were flecked and sparkling with silver moon light, these waves slipped by gently rocking us and gurgling under our stern as the silhouetted sails carried us along. By 0600 the moon was reduced to a thin sliver, its fullness gradually vanishing before my eyes. Ken emerged to relieve my watch and we sat and pondered the ancient significance a lunar eclipse would have had.
Good Friday
A solemn day, we all have to carry our cross sometime. We can do so gladly with bravery or anxiety. Sailing is a game of vectors, course made good, velocity made good, wind direction and strength and currents. Our original route as outlined by Jimmy Cornell in World Cruising Routes, was to maximise progress. Hardly as predicted we have our own cross to bare.
Spirits lifted and dancing around the deck, Robert and I had great news today, both Marisa and Penny are coming to Galapagos! Whist Ken and David will be on board pining their loved one’s.
Counter to regular Good Friday fare, David treated us to a Full English and Robert cooked up a delicious Chicken Pilau (Marisa you must be a good teacher). To balance our gluttony, we were served a stunning fresh fruit salad by David for our evening meal.
We are visited again, as on each of the past several evenings by three mystery guests. Three sea birds (possibly petrels) who join us just after sunset and disappear just before dawn. Like owls, they flit silently in the night, circling the boat and at times uttering agreeable clucking sounds and occasionally dipping down for what we assume must be small fish. We have have been unable to identify our friends, but they seem to know us. Perhaps, Darwin and his successors, who followed a similar route to WD, with Robert Copthorne as Captain of the Beagle, missed this one! What ever species, they are welcome friends to Wandering Dream and her crew. As I write this we have an exhausted Brown Booby sitting on the Pulpit. I had know idea they were called boobies because they were thought stupid as they trusted man (perhaps rightly so). We can approach and it shows no fear.
Miles travelled in the last 24 hours: 88 miles ....those light winds and adverse current are taking their toll.
Miles to go: 339 miles

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