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Date: 02 Apr 2015 18:55:42
Title: Panama to Galapagos

01:57:4N 082:13:5W
Thursday 2nd April 2015
Happy Easter to all, from the Crew of Wandering Dream
Mast Climbing
The calm conditions resulted in the main sail being dropped and the engine started at 2100 last night. At midnight when the wind had increased we tried to raise the main sail again, only to find the main halyard / rope that pulls up the sail, was wrapped around the lights three quarters of the way up the mast, no amount of flicking would budge it. So at 0600 a mast climb was made by our intrepid skipper and the main sail finally hoisted.
We noticed that a lot of grit and dirt left from the shroud which would wear away at the sail. This time gallant Robert stepped forward to volunteer to climb the swaying mast. Sponge in hand he swarmed up the mast, swinging from one side to the other to sponge the sail clean, while Ken belayed from below. The Skipper allowed fresh water for this task, obviously he feels the sail to be more important than the crew!
Living in Hope
Marisa, Robert’s wife had her handbag and passport stolen in Montreal last week. Robert is currently living in hope that she will get a replacement quickly and still be able to meet with us in the Galapagos, flights, hotel and diving are already booked. We have yet to hear if a replacement can be obtained in time. The crew have already made it clear to Robert that the hotel room, shower and laundry facilities would not go to waste. Not too sure about sleeping arrangements should that happen!
Pen Portrait – Robert Tang Yuk
Fav. three books: 1. Miguel Street by V S Naipaul (Fiction)
2. Pillars of the Earth – Ken Follet (Fiction)
3. 7 Habits of Effective People – Stephen Covey (Self-Help)
Person Robert would most like to spend an hour with: Pope Francis
Job: “It’s complicated, but involves three companies.”
Fav. food: Stewed Chicken, Rive and Calaloo
What pleases you? Fishing
What really annoys you? Fishing
What do you do for relaxation? Fishing
(Note to Stuart Crainer: Worth further investigation for Top Innovation Awards)
Miles covered in last 24 hours: 98 miles (too slow!)
Miles to go: 427

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