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Date: 31 Mar 2015 17:32:23
Title: Panama to Galapagos

05:22:3N 080:40:3W
What Are We Doing to Our Planet?
No ships and hundreds of miles from land and yet...a stream of rubbish and a turtle struggling, caught by a line attached to a log. Bottles, plastic bags and food waste dot the route we are taking. At one point so many tree trunks and logs we had to weave our merry way. We are following the Humbolt and El Nino current so rubbish will be swept along, but really the quantity is such a sad indictment on us humans.
Cleaning Duty
WD sparkles in the sunlight once more. Our week in Balboa produced a large quantity on dirt and dust on deck, cockpit, bimini and solar panel (it is not very efficient when covered in dirt). In true sailor fashion the crew swabbed the decks and bring the sparkle back.
Breeze and Flat Seas
The gentle wind and flat seas are taking their toll on our daily mileage, with only 111 miles covered yesterday. On the plus side we can sit at the cockpit table for meals – very civilised! As we are travelling down wind we are producing little power via the wind generator. During the day light hours the solar panel tops up the battery a little, but next day we are lower still. We are preserving our fresh produce by keeping the fridge on 24/7, but are not making water as the drain on the battery is too great. Lots of fuel, so if the wind fails, engine on.
Fish, What Fish?
Having rather rashly discarded the bonito on the first day out, we have had little success since. Only having had one bite, which got away, Robert is now like a man possessed, changing lure every hour, determined to outwit our potential dinner.
714 miles to go.

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