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Date: 15 Mar 2015 19:54:51
Title: Dominican Republic to Panama Day 5

10:58:8N 078:02:1W
Sunday 15th March 2015 – Happy Mothering Sunday
Last Night Was Something Else!
As each of us ventured up to the cockpit for our watch we were met with the full awe and wonder that a gale at sea can bring. We all sail because we like the challenge and a part of each of us was eager to be tested.
The waves were a six metre wall of black water, the wind fifty five knots, the spray was a white ribbon blown from each crest, now I knew why I had bought a Rival 38. Wandering Dream seemed to be saying, “Trim my sails, I’ll do the rest.” In reality, that’s what we did, WD surfed down the walls of water, sometimes up to sixteen knots or more. Never did she falter, nor give us cause for concern. With the genoa furled to nothing more than a large pocket handkerchief we surged along. As a crew the faith we have already established in each other was obvious, brief explanation of what we needed to do was enough for us to go below, at the end of our watch, trusting ourselves to the next watchman. Falling asleep on our bunks, tired, but exhilarated by what we had experienced.
The words of the Breton Fisherman’s Prayer I learned at school come to mind:
Lord your seas are so mighty
and we are so small,
keep us safe.
Record Mileage
In the last twenty four hours we have travelled 168 miles!
We have 150 miles still to go and hope to arrive in Shelter Bay tomorrow late afternoon.

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