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Date: 14 Mar 2015 20:56:36
Title: Dominican Republic to Panama Day 4

12:33:9N 075:59:5W
Saturday 14th March 2015
One Third of the Way to Go!
We have travelled 146 miles in the last twenty four hours. The wind blew us along at 35 – 45 knots, the sea has built again, but luckily we are going down wind with the waves. It is a little like living on the worlds largest log flume. We have regular spray and the cockpit has been filled on most watches. We have al become used to sleeping with the lee clothes up or on the deep setting in the pipe cots.
Fruit Cake
We have been surviving on one of Hilary’s amazing fruit cakes during the rough first few days. Duriing rough weather when no one wants to cook much, fruit cake is the perfect food. Thank you Hilary.
Daily Routine Tasks
We have four routine tasks, Cooking the midday meal, making sandwiches for tea, a safety inspection of WD and cleaning. Someone today used an unmarked bottle of cooking oil to wipe down the heads! I feel very guilty, I should have labelled the spray. It needed wiping down again.
No Fish
We are feeling a little hopeless with the fishing. So have taken to reassuring each other that it isn’t lack of prowess, but sea conditions that are thwarting us.
New crew details.
David Whitaker
Best three books he has read: Just William, The Selfish Gene, Gone with Winds
Main career: Hydro Geologist
If you could spend one hour with anyone ever, who would it be: Christopher Hitchens
In the Wandering Dream film David is most likely to be played by: Anthony Hopkins
What does he do to relax: Self-confessed (from his bunk he answered), I don’t relax
What winds him up most: Waiters asking him if his meal is ok.
Wandering Dream Facebook Group
Please can someone put a link up for the blog. Then anyone who thinks we my have gone all quiet will know what is going on.

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