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Date: 13 Mar 2015 19:49:43
Title: Dominican Republic to Panama Day 3

14:10:8N 073:54:6W
The Beast is Brought Out
We have christened the ungraded fishing rod with large sea reel, stainless steel line and spoon hook. We were endeavouring to catch some protein for our dinner. I can only guess that (not being a sea fisherman) either the conditions or something we are doing resulted in a no catch day. All you knowledgeable types what do we do? 3-4m swell, 25-30 knot winds and a boat speed of about 6 knots.
How much line should I let out? Got to get it right for the Pacific.
Topless Waiter
The crew are gelling well. We have got used the big swell and strong winds and WD is powering along at a great pace, usually two reefs in, sometimes three and just the genoa. Due to spray and the occasional green wave breaking on deck we have all the hatches closed, this means it is very warm below decks especially when cooking. I’m not sure of the etiquette in David’s home, but he has taken to cooking shirtless. Not the ideal appetiser!
I promised a little more about the new crew:
Ken Ideus
Best three books he has read: Sapiens – Fact, The River Wye – Fiction, Bagabhad Gita – Spiritual
Main past career: Behaviourist
If you could spend one hour with anyone, ever who would it be: Young Albert Einstein
In the Wandering Dream film Ken is most likely to be played by Peter O’Toole
What does he do to relax: Play guitar
What winds him up most: Paying for services you don’t get
Tomorrow David’s turn.
Miles travelled in the last 24 hours 147
Just under 500 still to go.

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