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Date: 12 Mar 2015 20:33:40
Title: Dominican Republic to Panama Day 2

15:34:0N 071:58:9W
Not So Secret Agent
Our man in Panama, Roy Bravo (not quite Johnny English) has been by us through the Emmanuel Agency to help smooth our transit through the canal. He will arrange a marina berth at both ends, arrange to have WD officially measured, deliver the four one hundred feet warps and plastic wrapped tyres needed for the locks. He will also deal with immigration and the payment of the canal fees. We could of course do this all ourselves, and some people do, but we are given to understand that this will give us a better chance of a quick transit. We need four line handlers which will be our our crew, including Robert, who is determined to fulfil his dream of going through the canal, the Captain (me) and a consultant. Our consultant must have a crate of sealed water available and a meal of his liking, otherwise he will order his own to be delivered via water taxi, at vast expense!
In the last 24 hours we have travelled 140 miles which is approximately one third of the way to Panama.

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