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Date: 02 Mar 2015 13:28:31
Title: Ponce Day 2

Ponce, Puerto Rico
Sunday 1st March 2015

Ponce, the town.
A beautiful place, a mix of old and new. A real Spanish feel to it. Sunday, so nothing much open. Not even a supermarket for bread...looks like I'm baking again, ready for our passage to the Dominican Republic tomorrow lunchtime and through the night. We walked, not sure we would if we'd known quite how far...one hour later, I asked a chap on a bicycle how far to the centre of town. 10-20 mins he answers. He then kept waiting for us to make sure we went the right way. We arrived in the central plaza, a glorious cathedral had centre stage, backing onto the Fire Brigade museum. Either end, my best translation was the local college had an event and the local symbol of a lion was decorated to reflect the individuals tastes. Seven of these individual life size lions were either end of the plaza. It made me remember a similar event in France in Kath and Alan's and Sophie and Vincent's local town had an Easter Egg trail featuring amazing, exotic, intricate and some huge none edible egg shapes. I believe they were then auctioned off for charity.

After a leisurely start and the long walk, we treated ourselves to lunch at Lola's Hotel and Casino. Only the eclectic restaurant we had seen the sign for was closed. Luckily the cafe was open and probably much cheaper. A taxi back to the marina made the journey seem no distance...maybe we didn't take the fastest route.

Rendezvous in Dominican Republic
My Pacific crew join us in DR. They fly in on 3rd March to Punta Cana International airport. We have been trying to book into Cap Cana Marina to meet. They deserve an introduction, David Whitaker from Winnersh, Berkshire and Ken Ideus from Victoria Steps Quay, Brentford...more about them once their secrets are revealed.

Just realised the date, so if you're Welsh, Cymru an Byth (is that how you write it?) And a Happy St David's Day. Of course I still hope England win the rugby.

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