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Date: 11 Jul 2014 20:35:00
Title: Batteries and generator

46:39:79N 007:26:6W

The wind had dropped but we are still making 4.5 knots under sail. Ghoster doing a sterling job. The batteries were looking a little low, so I decided to start the diesel generator. I primed the raw water filter as is necessary. and started the genny. Checked the charge was there,  flicked in the battery charger - five minutes later the genny cut out. On investigation, I had left the cover/top off the raw water filter, so no sea water was cooling the engine. It had over heated and cut out in a puff of burning rubber smoke and smell. I am so annoyed with myself - how could I have been so stupid and forgetful? This could be a very expensive mistake!!! 2100 hours and dolphins arrive, they immediately lift my spirits, it always amazes me how clever they are using the bow wave to push them along or give them a boost. The new Olympus Tough camera came into its own today. Be patient it may take a while to down load​
​They seem to enjoy playing rather like us humans. During the bright moonlit night we are visited again and again by dolphins playing in the twinkly sea. What a glorious way to spend a three hour night watch 0000 - 0300.

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