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Date: 02 Mar 2015 13:28:31
Title: Caneel Bay

18:20:6N 064:47:4W

Caneel Bay, St Johns, USVI
21st February 2015

In Search of the Holy Grail or Permission to Enter US Waters
Yesterday we caught the ferry from West End, Tortola to Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas. The round trip cost us about US $80 for leaving taxes, port dues and ferry. We showed our visa waiver applications as we departed, when we arrived we got our passports stamped with 90 days permission to stay. We checked at the Customs and yes they reassured us we can now bring in WD. We visited the chandlery and bought a new Wind Scoop, we've been patient for so long at last we have a replacement. We also bought something to bung up the pressure release in the hit water cylinder.  We had lunch and returned to the ferry dock, only to be told our ferry had left, they had changed the departure time and not told us, luckily another operator was happy to take our ticket.

Water Trouble Part 1
Once back on WD we fitted the pressure release bung. Turned on the water and a pipe blew apart, spraying water throughout the engine compartment. We reconnected, it seems we have a faulty pressure cut off switch on the pump. Now we can only get water by turning on the tap and then switching the pump on, that way the system isn't over pressurised.

Behold WD is Legally in US Waters
We departed West End and made for Cruz Bay, St John, USVI, no anchorage space, too crowded, we moored up on a National Parks bouy in Caneel Bay. The whole of St John is a National Park, designated in 1956.
We dinghied around to the Customs and Cleared in. Then we bought fresh food, last night we attempted to eat all our fresh produce as we are not allowed to bring it in. The salad was too much for Denis, we had already had Carbonara we veg.

Water Trouble Part 2
I wanted to check the new fan belts we had fitted. One was extremely slack, it must have stretched as it was tensioned yesterday. We re tensioned and will have to monitor closely. However, when we had talked the engine cover off we found ten centimetres of water in the oil drip tray. Tracing it further it appeared to be coming from the hot water cylinder, we uncovered this and yes it is flooded. But we can't find the leak. So we tried to isolate it. WDs many owners have replaced parts and not removed old. So we tried to isolate the old redundant hot water pump, then we disconnected the hot water cylinder feed and turned off the feed from the engine. Still we were getting water to the cylinder, it turns out the shower mixer was passing it, that off and finally no leak. After three hours everything was back together. A great way to spend the afternoon! Denis as ever Mr Philosophical said, "That's boats!" So tomorrow, off to St Thomas, water pump out and another visit to the chandlery to see if they have a water pressure switch that will fit our pump. Thank goodness Denis is cooking tonight, beef stir fry, yummy. I can sit back, write this and have a cold beer.

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